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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dan's Computer Services: New Server Now Being Setup! [Network Member's Notice]

As I posted Here and Here Earlier this week, I had mentioned that
"Any Speculation that the Old Server which currently serves VPN and Web Pages will be taken offline is false, however, this system has become old and unreliable, and recently has struggled with routing local users through the main gateway successfully."

At the time of writing this information was correct, however, as the week has elapsed performance has degraded and the unit has been shut down due to multiple failures.
At the present time I can not say when or even if this unit will be brought back online; because of this, VPN services are now unavailable, along with Telnet and SSH access to our network. Some web services may also be unavailable because of this.

We are currently looking into the causes of this problem and potential resolutions, and hope that we can get the system back online or replace the faulty hardware.

In other news, network speeds have now gone up to 20Mbps Download and 0.7Mbps Upload, this should have a dramatic effect on performance of external resources and accessing the network from remote locations.

On behalf of myself and the company, I wish to apologise for any inconvenience the disruptions in service may be causing, and would like to further add that if you require a service that is currently unavailable urgently, we may be able to put a temporary system in place to compensate for the issues upon request.

Thankyou for your patience.

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